Chimelong Scare‑adise

Chimelong Scare-adise

Miziker transformed Chimelong Paradise into Chimelong “Scare-adise” for its month-long Halloween event. The Miziker team created three levels of frights – Spooky, Scary, and Terrifying – in a variety of seasonal park overlays and enhancements. The family-friendly Pumpkin Harvest, Haunted Woods, and Scarecrow Alley all came alive with costumed performers, illuminated scenic pieces, graphics, music and lights, projected media and a haunting sound design. The park’s raft ride became “Voodoo Bayou” with original “scare-actors,” lighting and special effects, adding chills and thrills to the ride’s splishes and splashes. The Miziker creative and technical teams also transformed a horror maze with UV flashlights and frightening paint and fog effects, and brought zombies to life in the totally terrifying Zombie Train.


Chimelong Paradise


Halloween Zone and Ride Overlay


Creative Development, Show Direction & Turn-Key Production